2010 Team Demolition Derby Videos
Team Demolition Derby Highlight Video

The 2010 Team Demolition Derby "Tournament of Destruction" comes to a crushing conclusion! Watch all the intense moments from the final fight for the National Championship and the finale of one of our most destructive years ever! It's the Round 5 Highlight Video from September 18th! You've seen some of the photos and heard about all the fallout, now witness history as its made! For more Round 5 coverage, pick up the 2-hour DVD with complete race coverage, on-board cameras, interviews and more!

We'll be back and ready to wreck again in May 2011!

Team Demo Hit of the Month

Three cameras to cover all the carnage and even that wasn't enough to keep pace with the rapid fire destruction from Round 5! So many hits, so hard to choose! Everyone wins with this month's Hits of the Month with numerous impacts from multiple angles!

#68 Johnny Ryan and #19 John Clemmons clash in a high-speed head-on.
#55 Mel Noble takes the big Lincoln skyward to end #27 Jason Ritacco's run.
#66 Ron Tyrakowski mangles his and #74 Steve Vollbrecht's cars in one of the hardest hits of the year.
#38 Kyle Shearer finishes his onslaught of Damage, Inc. with a nasty shot on #88 Robbie Stahulak.

OnBoard Camera Kyle Shearer

We opened up voting on our Facebook page to determine which driver's car would be mounted up with an on-board camera for their first round battle on September 18th and the leading vote-getter was
#38 Kyle Shearer of Bad Company! As a big thanks to our fans, we're giving you the entire race right here on TeamDemo.com! Bad Company faced off against Damage, Inc. and Shearer was a destructive powerhouse the entire race! Ride along with him and feel the on-board impact!

The battle for the Championship reaches its breaking point! The most intense night of team demolition derby in recent memory left cars mangled, bodies bruised, and goals fulfilled....or shattered.

A stacked bracket pitted Championship hopefuls Reckoning and Orange Crush on the opposite sides and they'd have to survive two races each before a possible epic encounter in the Finals. This is Team Demolition Derby at its best! Experience the madness live at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL
or pick up the full DVD (beginning Sept 18th at Round 5 or right here on TeamDemo.com on Sept. 20th) with over an hour and half of race footage and bonus material!

Team Demo 2010 Round 4 video
Team Demo's past collides with the it's future in a present day slug fest Multi-time Champion #45 Wally Hartung returned to the driver's seat for the first time in almost 10 years to join his son Nick on the debuting Quick Silver team. Stranglehold also had a father-son combination with Mel and Mel, Jr. Noble, but it was third-year driver #50 Bill Mcmahen who made the biggest impact in the race, within seconds of the green flag.

Mcmahen was the clear leader out of Turn 2 and could've ran high down the back stretch to avoid the charging Hartung, but instead, turned to the right and floor his machine right at the Quick Silver defender! Incredible hit that wiped Hartung's car completely out and left Mcmahen's wagon with no steering.

Stranglehold held off an offensive assault from Nick Hartung late in the race and took the win.

Team Demo 2010 Round 2 video
Orange Crush breaks their Final round slump and mows through the competition to capture the Tournament of Destruction Round 3 victory! Orange Crush holds a firm lead in the points and could clinch the title at Round 4, but it all could disappear if their streak of success is snapped! Mean Green Machine shows they are for real this year and Reckoning goes to war with Seek-N-Destroy for over 14 minutes! See all the highlights in the video below! Visit our Schedule page and make plans to join us at
Route 66 Raceway!

Team Demo MVP

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Team Demo fans and participants spoke up in full support of Charlie "Sarge" Turnbaugh to receive the MVP Award for his performance on July 24th and we listened! We couldn't present the award that night due to the severe thunderstorms that rolled in right after the final race, so we headed down to the Seek-N-Destroy shop to meet up with Sarge and rightfully deliver the award! Congrats to Sarge and big thanks to all the fans and drivers that used our Facebook page to voice their opinions!

Team Demo 2010 Round 3 video
The Reckoning vs. Seek-N-Destroy race was a brutal battle of endurance that was finally settled with a countdown after 14 minutes of mayhem! Jason Ritacco and Chris McGuire were right in the middle of the madness and provided several key hits and moments throughout the race. We had on-board cameras running during this race, one each on McGuire's and Ritacco's cars, and our two main cameras also caught the hit making this Hit of the Month, which resulted in 4 angles of Impact!
More footage from the on-board cameras will be shown throughout the Round 3 full-length DVD!

Team Demo 2010 Round 2 video
The "Reckon-Crew" was in full force and the level of carnage gets cranked up for Round 2 of the 2010 Team Demolition Derby "Tournament of Destruction, presented by Chicago Heights U-Pull-It, from July 3rd.
Re-live all the excitement and dramatic conclusion to a night filled with massive hits, thrilling racing, and all the ear-splitting power Team Demo is known for. Seeing it all on a computer screen is one thing, being their live with rock you to the core, that is, if you can handle it! Visit our Schedule page and make plans to join us at Route 66 Raceway!

Demolition Derby biggest hits

Wagons go to war in the opening race at Round 2 of the 2010 Team Demolition Derby "Tournament of Destruction!" on July 3. Two rising stars of Team Demo, and former team mates in 2008, Kyle Shearer and Levi Turnbaugh nearly annihilate each other in an explosive head-on crash! Turnbaugh filled in for Mean Green Machine was thanked with a shot of metal to the mouth from his car's own hood! Incredible carnage and more than worthy to be named Hit of the Month!

Team Demolition Derby hit of the year

Team Demo video
Re-live all the action from Round 1 of the Team Demolition Derby "Tournament of Destruction," presented by Chicago Heights U-Pull-It, from May 29th! Seek-N-Destroy went head-to-head with Orange Crush in a dramatic Final Round encounter that capped a night filled with high horsepower, twisted metal and adrenalized carnage you won't find anywhere else! Come see it all LIVE on July 3rd, or any of the remaining nights, at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois!

Team Demolition video
A double-dose of pain from Round 1 of the 2010 Team Demolition Derby "Tournament of Destruction!" Orange Crush locked horns with Seek-N-Destroy in the Final Round providing plenty of thrilling and dramatic moments including this Double Shot for Hit of the Month!

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