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Team Demolition Derby Tournament of Destruction series sponsor LKQ Auto Parts presents the Round 5 "LKQ Hit of the Night" award to #73 Ryan Decker of Reckoning!

Decker delivered stand-out, and in several cases, knockout impacts all season, many that were considered for Hit of the Night. Reckoning faced Damage Inc to kick off Round 5; two teams with nothing to lose left it all on the track. Numerous wild hits kept the race in a seesaw battle and Damage Inc on the verge of their first win. #83 Kyle Thompson broke free from a pile-up in Turn 1 and had open track down the backstretch. Decker appeared from behind another Damage Inc car out of Turn 4 and pointed his already heavily damaged car right towards Thompson.

Neither driver let up as the powerful impact engulfed both cars, ripped axles and twisted them sideways from the shockwave. Total destruction is the only description necessary. In the aftermath, neither car would move another inch, #77 Andrew Sherman used the clear path paved by Decker to complete the 5 laps and advance Reckoning in the bracket.

Decker opened Round 5 with an explosive statement, solidified a full summer of smash and earns the "LKQ Hit of the Night" award.


Team Demolition Derby Tournament of Destruction series sponsor LKQ Self Service Auto Parts presents the Round 5 "LKQ Most Valuable Driver" award to #65 Pete Ryan of Orange Crush! Ryan began the 2013 Tournament of Destruction as a member of Mean Green Machine, the moved to Damage Inc and finally over to Orange Crush for the final 2 events and delivered his best performance when Crush needed it the most.

In the first round, Ryan fought off a pesky Seek-N-Destroy team that made Orange Crush's do-or-die scenario a little more dramatic than anticipated. He knocked around #28 Larry Younghusband twice, smashed #21 Chad Young into the wall and finished off with a hard side shot into #29 Joe Jackson to clear the way for win.

The Semi-Finals was the most important race of the year: Real Steel vs Orange Crush for the 2013 Championship. Ryan immediately went on the attack and drilled #5 Nick Hartung in Turn 2. Reel Steel's other lap runner #53 Shaun Elder couldn't escape from Ryan on 3 separate occasions. First, a perfect block between Turn 1 and 2, then a slap into then Turn 3 wall leading up to the mammoth high-speed shot in Turn 4 to secure Orange Crush's lead.

In the Finals against Reckoning, Ryan got tangled up in 3-car mess involving the accidental driver's door hit on #7 Brian Anderson. Ryan's car was heavily damaged in the collision though he was able to connect with a few smaller hits later in the race.

The timely hits, big speed, and crucial blocks led to the Round 5 victory for Orange Crush and earn Pete Ryan the 2013 Round 5 "LKQ Most Valuable Driver."

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2013 Tournament of Destruction Round 5: The Final Showdown! presented by LKQ Auto Parts.

New champions emerge after 1 last night of climatic carnage. Orange Crush, Real Steel and Junkyard Dogs clash one more time
in epic races that bookend their season-long saga of destruction. Elite driving, amazing maneuvers and shocking twists, not drawn from a script. It is raw. It is real. This is Team Demolition Derby.

7 different drivers can walk away with the Figure-8 Spectator Series titles in the Cars & Trucks divisions and High Risk battles Double-D Destroyers in the 3rd annual "Racin' For Boobs" women's Team Demolition Derby!

15-minutes of highlights, our longest video ever uploaded, and there's still over 90 minutes more to see! Order the Round 5 DVD and receive FREE shipping anywhere in the world!

Thank you again to all Team Demo fans around the world for following the 2013 Tournament of Destruction. Join us again at Route 66 Raceway for the beginning of a new season in May 2014!

*Note - The clips at 1:10, 5:55 and 10:22 are not suppose to be distorted. Errors were not caught before upload and are not seen in the full DVD version.*

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2013 Tournament of Destruction Round 4 highlight video presented by LKQ Auto Parts.

Team Demolition Derby does not have playoffs, but Round 4 certainly was an elimination game for several teams. Last year's champions Reckoning and Mean Green Machine intensified their rivalry for a 3rd time this season only to both end up out of reach of this year's title. With 1 event left in the season, it's down to 3 teams vying for the overall Championship.

Real Steel won Round 4 to pull into a tie with Orange Crush atop the standings and Junkyard Dogs remain in the pack as well after defeating, and surviving, against OC in an incredible first round rampage of destruction. Real Steal holds the upper-hand heading into Round 5 by virtue of their 2 event wins. But nothing is safe or guaranteed in Team Demolition Derby -- especially at Round 5.

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Thanks to Overhead Material Handling Illinois, Inc. for providing the scissor lift in support of our video production efforts.

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2013 Tournament of Destruction series sponsor LKQ Auto Parts presents the Round 4 "LKQ Most Valuable Driver" AND "LKQ Hit of the Night" awards to #66 Ron Tyrakowski of Orange Crush! Watch the video below!

The "Shot Heard 'Round the World".... to start the Revolutionary War at Battle of Lexington, .... Bobby Thomson's 3-run homer to win the 1951 National League pennant 5-4, ... Tyrakowski's self-sacrificing, race-saving smash on Bleuer at the finish line.

Coming into Round 4, Orange Crush held a 4-point lead over Junkyard Dogs for 1st place in the points standings. The bracket draw seeded OC vs. JYD in the opening round; a race that, if OC won and got to the Finals, would've nearly cemented them as the 2013 Champions. Avid Team Demolition Derby fanatics know the history and rivalry between these two juggernauts. What no one knew was just how far they could 'take it.'

Tyrakowski led the race early behind several key blocks out front not only from his teammates, but from JYD crushers' knocking other cars out of his path. Bleuer charged back and took a 1-lap lead at the halfway point thanks to back-to-back head on shots delivered to Tyrakowski by #36 Tom Lewis and #33 Joe Snow. OC's blockers struck back. #62 Jason Ritacco, perhaps the season's MVP thus far, dismantled #35 Gerritt Vanderbilt and Lewis' cars leaving only Bleuer running at near full strength.

Bleuer's lead began to shrink and he all of a sudden had company in his rear view. Tyrakowski tapped Bleuer's back bumper and they crossed into the final lap together! Bleuer's right-front tire spun off the rim, Tyrakowski continue to push them through Turn 1 and they piled up against Snow's car. Despite the missing tire, Bleuer regained speed first and pulled away down the back stretch and had clear sight to the finish. Tyrakowski charged from the opposite side to greet Bleuer head-on. Tyrakowski won the race to the line and connected with jaw-dropping impact!

"The Shot" leveled Bleuer 10-feet from the finish, kept Orange Crush in the race, but took a toll on more than just machine. Safety personnel threw the red flag in order to check on both drivers. Tyrakowski was extracted from the car for medical attention, while Bleuer appeared to be no worse for wear and remained in his car. When the race resumed, Ritacco collected 4 laps while dodging the slow-moving, wrecked remains of JYD. They didn't do anything dramatic, but the 'Dogs managed to get in the way just long enough to force Ritacco's engine to die out 1/4 of the way into Lap 5. With all 8 cars reduced to rubble, the countdown finish secured the win for Junkyard Dogs, though "winning" pales in comparison to "surviving."

Tyrakowski's resilient lap running and overt obliteration of his opponent are more than enough to earn the Round 4 LKQ Auto Parts "Hit of the Night" and "Most Valuable Driver."

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