Trailer Race Registration

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Trailer Race Rules

Any 1/2 ton or smaller, TRUCK, VAN, or CAR (no convertibles) must be towing a pop up trailer, travel trailer, boat trailer, or any safe item on a minimum of a 4’x6′ trailer is eligible! No 3/4 ton or 1 ton vehicles allowed.

Empty Trailers must have something SAFE on them. These items would include: Boats, Decorations, Mascots, Advertising, Cartoons, Whirlpools, etc.

During the race, NO strobe lights or emergency lighting such as police, fire, or tow truck light bars etc., can be used on the tow vehicle or trailer. This is a safety issue! Lights impair other drivers’ vision and conflict with the lights on track’s emergency vehicles.

Driver must wear helmet, long sleeve shirt, goggles, and long pants.  Baseball style shin guards are recommended, but not necessary.

  1. Boats must be secured to trailer and tow vehicle. They must also be gutted. No fuel tanks or motors allowed.
  2. Campers must be gutted of garbage or any loose items.
  3. All glass must be stripped in tow vehicle other than windshield.
  4. Tow vehicles must have protective screen or windshield intact.
  5. Trailers must be secured to tow vehicle with chains, cables or hitches.
  6. When a car/truck becomes disabled from the trailer, it is deemed disqualified and unable to compete for the win.
  7. Trailers must be secured to tow vehicle with one 3/8’s chain, or hitched to vehicle with a ball style hitch. No Pintle hook hitches allowed. ONLY ONE SINGLE THREE EIGHTS CHAIN CAN BE BOLTED OR LIGHTLY WELDED. Chain can only run from tongue to hitch or wrapped around the bumper.
  8. Remaining trailer length attached to vehicle must be at last 4-feet long be considered a WIN.
  9. All trailers must be present, inspected, and staged in pit area by 6pm on race night.


$1,000 to the Last Trailer Standing. Race continues until only one vehicle/trailer remains.
$200 to the most unique trailer, voted by fans!

Sign-up to smash!

Complete the Eve of Haunted Destruction Trailer Race form below! Drivers must pay $25 pit pass fee on-site an complete necessary paperwork prior to entering the track. 

Please contact the Dirt Oval 66 Office [ | 815-740-8000] with any trailer race related questions.

Trailer Racer Registration

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