Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy tickets to an event?
1. Online via DirtOval66.com 
2. Through our office by calling 815-740-8000 or toll free 844-866-DIRT, or visiting us at 500 Speedway Boulevard, Joliet, IL 60433. Monday through Friday 9am-4pm.
3. On Race Day at the box office/gate after 4pm.

If I purchased a ticket to an event in 2020 prior to Covid-19, am I able to use it for 2021?
Yes. You are able to use any pre-purchased, non-redeemed ticket for any event in 2021.
Original event tickets must be exchanged prior to race day.
There are two ways to exchange your tickets:
1. Mail original tickets to our office and we will exchange them for the event of your choice and return
them in the mail to you. Please be sure to include the address where they should be sent.
2. Bring original tickets to our office at 500 Speedway Boulevard, Joliet, IL 60433. Monday through Friday 9am-4pm.
Event tickets MUST be exchanged PRIOR to race day. We will NOT be able to accommodate an exchange on Race Day.

What COVID-related procedures do you have in place?

  • Contactless entry. #TeamDirt will check you in while you are still in your vehicle. Please be patient as this process takes slightly longer than normal, but is the safest for both guests and staff.
  • Earlier opening. Gates open earlier this year to allow more time for guests to gradually be welcomed in. Again, please be patient as this may take slightly longer than normal, but is the safest for both guests and staff.
  • Contactless Ticketing. Event and parking passes are available at DirtOval66.com.
  • All guests are asked to wear masks following the state and federal mask mandate when within six feet of others. As these mandates change, we will do our best to keep the website and staff up to date.
  • Addition of restroom facilities to reduce the number of people in small spaces.
  • Addition of sanitation and hand wash stations throughout the facility.
  • Designated smoking sections.
  • New! Family sections where drinking is discouraged, and family-friendly behavior is respectfully encouraged.
  • Food vendors have been transitioned to self-serve for contact-free and/or minimal contact service.
  • Increased hospitality ushers to navigate guests throughout the venue to prevent crowding.

Have you changed the ticketing process?
Contactless ticketing is highly recommended for all events and can be done via DirtOval66.com.
You will be able to purchase on event day at the box office/gate, BUT WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ADVANCED PURCHASING. 

Where is Dirt Oval 66 Located?
We are at 3200 S. Chicago St., Joliet, IL 60433
(At Route 53 and Schweitzer, East of Route 53 on Schweitzer.)
For general parking/events enter at Gate 13
For the office enter at Gate 12

What gate or entrance do I use?
All spectators should use Gate 13
All drivers/competitors should use Gate 12

What are the ages for Juniors/Junior Pricing?
Juniors are considered ages 3-12.
Junior pricing applies to general admission grandstand tickets only.
Children two and under are FREE.

When does advance ticket pricing end?
Advance ticket pricing end two weeks prior to an event.

Do you sell reserved seats?
Yes, Section 101 & 401 are dedicated to RESERVED seating (unless otherwise noted)

Can I use a credit card to purchase pit passes?
Yes, we accept credit and debit cards.

Are Juniors allowed in the pits ? If so, how much?
Each event varies. If juniors are allowed, the price is $10. You can call the office or check the website for event specific information. Juniors are not allowed in the pits for Team Demolition Derby.

Can I leave the event and re-enter?
Only prior to 7pm (rule applies to Team Demo events only).

What time do the parking lots open?
Most of the time they open at 4pm, however this may vary based on event. Please check event details on the website for more information.

Can I use PayPal to purchase my tickets?
No. Sorry, we do not accept PayPal.

Are the pits (competition area) open after the races?
Yes, for all ages.

Can I leave the pit area during the event and re-enter?
Yes. Only prior to 7pm on a Team Demolition Derby event.

How long are the track pack/season tickets for Team Demolition Derby available?
Until two weeks prior to Team Demo Round 1.

Do you charge for parking?
Yes, it is $5 per vehicle. Does not apply to all events. Please see the website for event specific information.

Do you have designated motorcycle parking?
Yes, available near the front entrance, parking fees do apply.

Do you accept Apple Pay when paying for merchandise?

Can I have a birthday or anniversary announced?
Yes, please fill out the form on the Fan Request Page at least three days before the event. Anything less than three days before we cannot guarantee. And due to high demand, we do not allow same day announcements.

How many people are allowed to accompany a wheelchair in the ADA section?
We allow one companion/friend seat per wheelchair. Due to high demand, this rule is strictly enforced.

Are we allowed to smoke in the grandstands?
No, tobacco products are not allowed in the grandstand area. We do offer a Smoking Section. Smoking is
strictly prohibited and enforced in all spectator seating areas.

What should I do if severe weather approaches the speedway?
This facility may not provide protection from extremely high winds, tornadoes and lightning. Please check weather beforehand and have a plan. We will do our best to communicate severe weather alerts via PA announcements and Twitter handle @DirtOval66, but it is your responsibility to stay in the know about severe weather and take shelter as you see fit outside of the facility.

Do I have to pay to print my tickets?
No. Simply print them at home OR use your smart phone to show purchase and bar codes at our ticketing area upon arrival.

Do you have ticket processing fees?
Each ticket has a $2.50 fee.
Fees include Sales Tax, Convenience Fees, Credit Card Fees, and Processing Fees.

Is will call available?
Yes. You can choose to pick up your tickets at will call during the checkout process. There is a $5 fee for will call order. You must have a valid ID for will call pick up and the name on the valid ID must match the name on the ticket.

Do you offer a discount for group tickets?
Yes. Group ticketing is available to groups of 100+. If advanced pricing is offered for your event, it ends two weeks prior to the event.

Does the Dirt Oval host corporate parties/company outings?
Absolutely. Space is limited and fills up quickly please call the office for more information 815-740-8000.

Do you offer Reserved Seating?
Yes. Reserved seating is typically available in section 101. (Please see Covid-19 restrictions)
All other seating is general admission. General admission (GA) refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note: The first ten rows of all sections may have restricted viewing.

Do you have food and beverage available at your facility?

The following items are PROHIBITED and may NOT enter the admission gates or facility.
All items brought through the gates/facility are subject to inspection. Prohibited items may not be left in or around the gate area.

  • Outside food and beverages
  • Coolers or hydration backpacks (i.e. CamelBacks), thermos or insulated cups of any size, glass containers
  • Alcohol or drugs (Unless prescribed by a medical physician and medically necessary).
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or personal golf carts.
  • Umbrellas, large flag poles or poles of any type, tripods or monopods, selfie sticks
  • Pets (Unless a registered service animal.)
  • Aerosol cans of any kind.
  • Firearms, fireworks and items restricted by Local, State and Federal laws.
  • Knives, sharp objects or weapons of any kind
  • Folding chairs, seat cushions with arms or frame components
  • Laser pointers or any items deemed to be an obstruction to other spectators
  • Clothing with obscenities or offensive language
  • Lewd behavior and language will not be tolerated
  • Firearms are not permitted on Route 66 Raceway property. In Accordance with the Illinois Concealed Carry Act (Section 65 Prohibited Areas), Firearms are prohibited in (17) Any stadium, arena, or the real property or parking area under the control of a stadium, arena, or any collegiate or professional sporting event.
  • UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE POLICY  – Route 66 Raceway strictly prohibits the use of any unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), also known as a drone, for any purpose whatsoever on Raceway Property. A UAV for purposes of this policy is any aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Raceway personnel may remove anyone using a UAV on Raceway property and/or confiscate the UAV until the event is over.

All items brought through the gates/facility are subject to inspection.

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