2019 OnBoard Impact Video Series

Round 1 / May 25: Team Demolition Derby’s OnBoard Impact videos return with a bang! Ride with Junkyard Dog’s #39 Matt Wilson as he deals a massive side shot that flips #11 Mike Polka on his roof!


Round 2 / June 20: Crazy 8s up-ended and upset Mean Green Machine in the Semi-Finals thanks in part to #85 Pete Gabriel’s timely trunk shot that shoved #19 John Clemmons up and over the concrete wall.


Round 3 / July 22: Get twisted with a double shot of explosive impacts with Angry Citizenz’s #46 Levi Turnbaugh against Junkyard Dogs.


Round 5 / Oct 27: Ride along for the wreckage with one of the all-time greats, #19 Tom “Brickman” Lewis, as he deals the key strikes to slay Orange Crush.