Round 2 Award Winners

Tournament of Destruction | June 23, 2018
Look no further for an example of certified fresh Team Demolition Derby excitement. No fewer than 10 significant strikes in the relatively short race duration of just over 2 minutes meant this was not a causal hit-n-run affair. It was hit or be hit; score laps or get lashed.

#87 Matt Wilson started the feeding […]

Round 1 Award Winners

Tournament of Destruction | May 26, 2018

Vollbrecht. Chancey. And poetically, a third-generation Scarbro. Their rapid succession, triple-team attack breaks new ground in the Hit of the Night category because it was simply that good. This is TEAM Demolition Derby, after all. #61 John Clemmons of Orange Crush held the race lead all the way through 4 and ½ laps after […]